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We are a multi-category, inclusive beauty brand for women and men of all ages and ethnicities offering affordable everyday essentials.

Our Rich History

Since 1954, Diane has been an icon in the beauty industry and focused on one thing: understanding the needs our diverse consumer by offering thoughtful, high-quality beauty products at an affordable price.

Diane is recognized as an expert in hair tools for all hair types, with a specialty in products designed for textured hair. Adding to our comprehensive range, we also offer products in nails, skin care, bath, men’s items and DIY salon tools like shears and accessories for at home hair color.

Diane makes it easy to add elements of fun and experimentation to your beauty routine. As the popularity of our brand continues to grow, we are committed to empowering you with innovative beauty products designed just for you.

We hope you love finding new ways to invigorate your beauty routine and that Diane can help you make it fun, affordable, and easy.

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