How To Choose the Right Men’s Boar Brush for Wave Styles and Wolfing

Diane Men’s Boar Brushes have a long history and a long list of brush styles to offer. Typically used for forming and maintaining wave styles, our brushes offer an exciting variety of bristle firmness options, handle styles, price points and finishes. Veterans of the brand might already know their go-to Diane brush, but if you are new to the brand or new to the wave process, we have a few tips for you. Check out the guide below to select the perfect Diane brush.

Brush up on Bristles

The first place to start when choosing a men’s boar brush is identifying the right bristle type. Diane Men’s Boar Brushes are available in soft, medium, hard and extra hard bristles.

Hard and Extra hard bristles are great in the beginning stages of the wave process and wolfing. Firm bristles provide enough tension and pull to form waves plus they are strong enough to penetrate the thickest of wolfs. Hard and extra hard brushes are made with boar bristles mixed with synthetic nylon bristles to add firmness, referred to as reinforced boar bristles.

Use for: beginning stages of forming waves
Hair type: longer lengths, tight curls

Medium bristles are great for smoothing, polishing, defining and deepening wave styles. Medium bristle brushes are either made with 100% boar bristles or boar bristles mixed with nylon to add firmness. The benefits of boar bristles are far-reaching and include distributing the hair’s natural oils along the hair strand for a natural, healthy shine plus they are gentler on the hair and scalp, reduce frizz and prevent breakage. If you have looser curls, you can start the wave process with medium bristles instead of hard bristles.

Use for: second stage of the wave process; smoothing, polishing, deepening and defining waves
Hair type: longer lengths, medium curls or waves

Soft bristles are great for smoothing, polishing, forming and maintaining wave styles. Soft bristle brushes are typically made with 100% boar bristles, but can also be made of soft synthetic nylon. This bristle type is gentle on hair and scalp and if made with boar bristles, smooths and polishes by distributing the hair’s natural oils along the hair strand. 

Use for: last stage of the wave process; smoothing, polishing, deepening and maintaining waves
Hair type: shorter lengths, looser curls or waves

Get a handle on style

After you’ve identified bristle type, the next decision is to choose a brush handle style. Most of our Diane Men’s are available in military or palm, club, styling and wave. While most of these brushes can be used interchangeably and the decision largely comes down to preference, there are some advantages to consider.

Palm or Military style brushes are a classic style typically best for shorter cuts and fades. The smaller, handheld size makes them easy to control and convenient for travel or on-the-go. 

Use for: shorter cuts or fades

Club brushes are ideal for longer lengths and feature a compact handle and square shape brush head. They feature a short handle for grip and control and are also convenient for on-the-go. 

Use for: longer lengths

Styling brushes are ideal for longer lengths. They feature a longer handle that’s easy to grip plus a narrow, rectangle brush head that has universal appeal. 

Use for: longer lengths

Wave brushes are the largest type featuring a long handle and a large brush head. This brush will get the job done quickly since it has the most bristle surface area.

Use for: longer lengths

Your Look on a Budget

The final consideration is to choose the brush that fits in your budget with a look you like. Diane has you covered from the basics to our best brushes that feature more technology like a UV finish to protect against moisture and wear and advanced bristle implantation to reduce bristle loss. We have color options in natural wood and bright bold colors as well.

Whatever you choose we believe you’ll feel great about purchasing a Diane Men’s Boar Brush that will help you achieve your best looks every day.